Cure for the Rainy Day Blues

Do you have the rainy day blues? There are a couple cures for that. First, you could take out a little hidden aggression on a puddle. It’s a great way to mix goofing around with de-stressing. But you will inevitably get wet and probably cold and that could make things worse. Another dryer and warmer way to lift your spirits on an otherwise ugly day is to surround yourself with beautiful things – things made with love, things that inspire you, things that take you away to your “happy place.”

So today, instead of looking at the forecast for this week, I’ve turned my frown upside down with a little help from these things:

  • Headband by Broad Bandits

    Adorable headbands from Broad Bandits – I don’t think I’ve worn these without getting compliments yet! And doesn’t it feel good when some one compliments you? They are an easy and affordable way to brighten up your day or that of any special girl in your life!

  • Stunning jewelry from Raegan Hough Jewelry – All of Raegan’s jewelry are total show stoppers. They are perfect for a night on the town when you want to feel special. People don’t just say “nice ring.” They say “Wow! That’s incredible! Where did you get that!?” And then you feel super cool – like you’re letting them in on a really big secret!
  • Lamps by Mad Women in the Attic

    Bright stained glass lamps made by Mad Women in the Attic – These are so expertly made, emit stunning  luminosity and give new meaning to “seeing the light.” Every time you turn one on, it almost feels like an angel gets its wings!

  • Living art from alena botanica – All of her work is garden-inspired and chases gloomy days away with eye catching color combinations and interesting geometric perspective. Her work comes in the form of photographs on canvas, living art & apparel.

And these are just a few of the wonderful artists that will be at the Stowe Street Arts Fest, July 16, 2011 on Stowe Street in downtown Waterbury. Be sure to mark this event on your calendar so you can stock up on some beautiful pieces of your own and kiss rainy day blues goodbye!

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