Stressed, Reversed

Stressed was one of my least favorite words until one day, idly doodling away instead of taking notes in class, I made the miraculous realization that stressed is merely desserts spelled backwards! No wonder I always reached for chocolate when the pressure was on!

Recently I was reminded of this grammatical marvel when the friendly folks at Sweet Tooth’s posted it as their Facebook status. I instantly thought “these are my kind of people!” Then they signed up to be a food vendor at the Stowe Street Arts Festival and I instantly thought “Sweet!”

Sweet Tooth’s is located right on Main Street in downtown Waterbury and open daily for your stress-reversing convenience. They have a huge selection of chocolate, candies, lolly pops, jelly beans, colors of M&Ms I never knew existed and of course Slushies for that good kind of brain-freeze! They have balloons for every occasion and great little gifts for everyone you know. They also have an ample selection of Vermonters’ favorite type of sweet: Maple! They have a cure for what stresses you so find them on Facebook, stop in on your way through Waterbury and grab a bag of happy on Saturday, July 16!

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