Sponsor Spotlight: Foodies Edition

Are you a foodie? It’s practically the new black.

But what exactly is a foodie? you ask.

Well simply put, a foodie is someone who really likes food – and not in a Homer Simpson drooling slob kind of way. (Ok, so sometimes drooling is appropriate.)

Foodies are more like Red Sox fans or Deadheads. We are really into food. Instead of obsessing over our favorite players, we obsess over the ingredients listed on our food’s packaging. Instead of being able to name the date and location a song was first played, we like to know the date and location our food was harvested. We are wicked into food, man, and we are constantly trying to surround ourselves with the best and tastiest food possible. We are looking for the 2004 Red Sox or the 3-1-69 Fillmore show because good food is delicious! Why wouldn’t you be a foodie?

The Stowe Street Arts Festival is very excited by the list of foodie-friendly businesses that are sponsoring our event! Be sure to check out these great local businesses and satisfy your foodie cravings today! Bon Appetit!

  • Sunflower Natural Foods – Locally owned, this isn’t just a beautifully painted building! Sunflower is your one-stop shop for natural and organic products of all kinds! They have a great selection of foodstuffs including produce, refrigerated and frozen foods, healthy & beauty products, vitamins & supplements, gluten-free foods, Vermont made products, and an awesome bulk section. They also have a wonderful selection of craft beers and quality wines!
  • Marsala Salsa – Serving a unique blend of Caribbean and Mexican food, come prepared to have your taste buds wowed without emptying your wallet! They have a vast menu with  tasty starters like Jalapeno Poppers, Dahl and Blackened Chicken Salad to warm you up for dishes like Baja Rellenos, Vindaloo Veggies and Tandoori Chicken. But don’t forget to save room for some Deep Fried Honey Bananas, Coconut Cream Caramel or Flan!
  • The Alchemist – This Award winning pub & brewery is also a great place to fill up your beer gut with yummy locally sourced food! Try their Light Weight with an Unclassic Caesar Salad, or the Holy Cow IPA with a Brew Burger. Or perhaps a Papi’s Porter with a Maple-Porter Pudding Cake!
  • Hen of the Wood – The cuisine at the Hen of the Wood is made from the region’s premium ingredients including locally raised meats and game, organic produce and artisan cheeses, not to mention the hard to find wild edibles that give the restaurant it’s name: Hen of the Woods mushrooms.
  • Laughing Moon Chocolate – Newly opened in Waterbury, Laughing Moon Chocolate is handmade and uses the freshest local ingredients available. They are also open an hour later on Wednesdays to accommodate for the Pete’s Green’s CSA pick up, which is arguably the best reason I’ve ever heard to join a CSA.
  • Shaws – The official grocery store of Red Sox Nation has a great selection of groceries galore, including a vast produce selection,  a Natural and Organic section, an International Food section, fresh seafood, a floral department and even a Recycling center.
  • Ocha Thai Restaurant – Enjoy authentic Thai cuisine for lunch and dinner!  Try their Ginger Tea, Fresh Spring Rolls, Pad Ped, Salmon Choo-Chee and Sweet black sticky rice with Thai custard.
  • Cabot Cheese – Artisan cheese is most certainly atop most foodies’ must-have lists and Cabot Cheese has a great selection of flavored and specialty cheeses. Although their good ol’ basic sharp cheddar is also as good as it can possibly get.
  • K.C.’s Bagels – With a great variety of freshly made bagels, KC’s can start your day off right! Slap a little of one of their tasty house made cream cheeses on there and you’ll be fueled up for the whole day!
  • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – Ben & Jerry’s raised the ice cream bar in quality, innovation and community involvement. They participate in fair trade practices and support multiple environmental, social and economic initiatives, all while creating some darned delicious ice cream!
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters –  Because I know how I feel in the morning after a mediocre cup of coffee, I can’t see too many foodies compromising their morning pick-me-up and drinking anything other than a quality cup of high-test. Good thing Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is right around the corner from us! With artfully roasted beans that come in a variety of flavors, Coffee Roasters aims to “create truly inspired coffee that’s environmentally sound, socially just, and undeniably delicious.”

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