Inquiring Minds Want To Know… More…

You have more questions. We have more answers. So we’ve updated our handy dandy list of useful information to help you prepare for the Stowe Street Arts Festival this weekend in downtown Waterbury. Because after all, Inquiring Minds (Like you!) Want to Know:

– LIVE from Stowe Street! –

Friday, July 15, 7-8:30

The Dry Bridge Stage at the corner of Bidwell Lane & Stowe Street.

  • Stop at the Stowe Street Emporium to get you tickets in advance
  • Mosey on down to Laughing Moon Chocolate‘s new location at 40 Foundry St. They will continue celebrating their Grand Opening Celebration both Friday and Saturday by giving away FREE Chocolate Covered Strawberries!
  • Gather your Entourage whether that means your kids, your parents, your significant other or your partners in crime, bring ’em all because this is going to be tons of fun for everyone!
  • Swing by  People’s United Bank, our Friday Night Entertainment sponsor, to get some CASH! If you didn’t get your tickets in advance, you’ll need$5/person (kids under 5 are free!) at the door. Plus you’ll probably want to get some food from the American Legion during the show so an ATM stop will be key.
  • Rub your nearest Buddha Belly for good luck Your entry ticket is also a raffle ticket and you could win some fun prizes, including a $100 Gift Certificate to the Hen of the Wood!
  • Gates open at 6:30 If you want a good seat, get there early! With the forecast we have, it’s going to be a great night to be sitting outside for this show!
  • Get ready for a workout The performances of Tom MurphyFred Garbo’s Inflatable Theaterthe Hokum Brothers and the Mad River Chorale will be so ridiculously entertaining you’re going to fall out of your seat and roll in the street laughing!

– The Big Day! –

Saturday, July 16 10am-4pm

Stowe Street & Bidwell Lane

– More Helpful Info –

  • We love, love, love dogs – but dogs hate, hate, hate, being on hot sunny pavement any longer than they have to. So we kindly ask that you leave Spot at home! This way you don’t have to worry about getting all tangled up in his leash and you don’t have to pick up after him if he has to go in the middle of the someone’s booth! So please, please, please leave your awesome fuzzy friends at home (not in your car!) because everyone will be better off! Thanks!
  • Waterbury is full of wonderful local businesses, many of whom have generously supported us and made this whole event possible! Please stop in to the Waterbury Pharmacy and our other wonderful sponsors and tell them how much you enjoyed the Stowe Street Arts Festival!
  • Accessibility If you require assistance to visit us, please go to the entrance gate on Stowe Street & Main Street and our volunteers will do their best to help you!

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