You know that feeling when you’ve had too much to eat (at one of our Apres Art Sponsors for example,) and you’re about to burst at the seams? That’s kind of how the Stowe Street Arts Fest organizing team feels, except instead of eating too much delicious food, we’ve been stuffing our SSAF booths with some serious eye candy! We just couldn’t help ourselves because all this art is so darn tasty and now we have No More Room!

But we’re not only full of incredible art, we will have a full schedule of artist workshops to partake in, a belly-filling list of food vendors to satisfy your taste buds and a full line-up of music so you can dance it all off! And that’s not even counting all the fun to be had on Friday night!

We are still getting the last details together but click through our website to see all the fine art, functional art, fun art, funny art, fantastical art and more that we have planned for you! Plus we will be updating you regularly about the 2012 SSAF so please stay tuned!

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