May the 4th be with you!

May The 4th Be With You

Happy Independence Day everyone!

As we get ready to go out and celebrate America’s birthday, it’s hard not to be reminded of how our incredible community came together last August after the Irene destruction. Watching the Waterbury Parade last Saturday, it was spectacular to realize how far we’ve come from the mud and dust covered streets of less than a year ago.

And as the anniversary of the Irene Floods gets closer, its more important than ever to show your support for communities like Waterbury and come out to the great events that will be taking place in the area over the next few weeks.

Obviously, we are little biased and the Stowe Street Arts Fest is our favorite, but there are a bunch of really great events taking place over the next week and beyond that you should come take part in! Check out these upcoming Waterbury events and thanks in advance for your support! Find a complete listing on our sponsor, Waterbury Tourism’s Event Calendar.

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