Commitment to Community

The Stowe Street Arts Fest takes some teamwork to pull together, and aside from having a great team of active community members on our SSAF committee, we are supported by companies that share our commitment to our community. These business exemplify community activity in all sorts of ways – from sponsoring events like the SSAF and supporting local sports teams to offering free events of their own and much more. Their support is a HUGE part of both the success of our event and of our community so please thank these sponsors for being such an important part of what makes our area so great!

  • Vermont State Employees Credit Union – VSECU supports many wonderful Vermont organizations including the Vermont Foodbank and Vermont National Guard. But this year, as our Tour de Force Sponsor, The VSECU is helping to bring some really great talent to the Stowe Street Stage on Friday night with LIVE! From Stowe Street. The show will feature wonderful and hilarious performances by local entertainer Tom Murphy and his fellow performers the Hokum brothers and Michael Miclon. Tickets are $5 at the door. Kids under 5 are free.
  • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – How many times have you taken the tour at Ben & Jerry’s? One of the most innovative and community-active businesses in the state, it’s a standard issue stop when guests come to town, especially on a hot muggy summer day. But there are more reasons to stop in at the factory than just taking the tour! Check out their free Summer Movie Festival, taking place every Saturday at dusk in Waterbury and Tuesdays in Burlington. So on Saturday, July 14, you can hang out at the SSAF, dance until it’s over, grab a bite to eat from one of our Apres Art Sponsors and then head up to see a free movie! This showing will be the Muppets!
  • National Life Insurance Company  – Located in Central Vermont, the National Life Group is a company committed to it’s Vermont roots. They are active sponsors of a wide variety of local organizations and events including the SSAF. Follow them on Facebook and see how their  NLGroup riders are doing in the Cabot Community Tour!
  • People’s United Bank People’s United not only has convenient banking locations throughout our region, they also have an extensive list of organizations that they support that covers the entire state. They also were kind enough to let us use their conference room for some of our SSAF committee meetings! Thanks guys!
  • TD Bank This year, TD Bank will join forces with the Alchemist to help our event become a bottled-water free event. This is a really big deal, especially after the amount of garbage our community hauled away after Irene! Our area could really use a reduction in the amount of trash we create so TD Bank stepped up to pour water from kegs provided by the Alchemist. We will have compostable cups, but you can also bring your own reusable water bottles and they will fill you up with some nice refreshing FREE water! Cheers to that!

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