Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Admit it. When nobody’s watching, you’ve got some serious moves. Snow dance, victory dance, zombie dance or the chicken dance; no matter what kind of dance you’ve done behind closed doors, we’ve all been there and we all know how much fun it is!

So this year for the Waterbury Arts Fest we’re giving you plenty of opportunities to get your groove on with a Street Party Friday night where you can showcase your talent or maybe do a scaled back public display of booty-shaking. And then Saturday you’ll get another chance to strut your stuff when we have live music and performances from 10am-4pm, as well as over 70 artists lining Stowe Street and Bidwell Lane. So whether you shake what your momma gave you, or modestly nod your head to the beat, we are planning one heck of a good time Friday, July 12 and Saturday July 13 in downtown Waterbury.

We will post a lot more info HERE so stay tuned!

Here’s a video of last year accompanied by the music of Josh Panda & the Hot Damned:

Waterbury Arts Fest 2013 from Megan Schultz on Vimeo.

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