Force of Nature

Absolutely everyone is sick of the rain.

It’s been a lovely summer so far, hasn’t it? Oh wait. No. It hasn’t been that lovely of a summer at all. Unless you consider slug-invaded gardens and swamp-foot ‘lovely’. But the good news is that despite the over saturated river banks and the weekly, if not daily flood warnings, there just might be a light at the end of this soggy tunnel of weather – and right in time for the Waterbury Arts Fest! The latest forecast is calling for – wait for it – low 80s and sunshine this weekend! Wooo hooo!!!

This means that on Friday July 12 at 6:15pm you can don your favorite summer Block Party attire and head down to Stowe Street for a night that promises to be a most refreshing change from dodging rain drops!  After being blown away by the acrobatic wonder-twins that make up Nimble Arts, we’ll have a little carb-loading session with Birthday Cake to celebrate Waterbury’s 250th Anniversary. Then you’ll dance it all right off when Josh Panda and the Hot Damned rock out on our Stowe Street Stage. And if that’s not enough for you, many of the neighboring restaurants and bars will be hosting rockin’ music of their own after our Block Party wraps up.

Then on Saturday, July 13 from 10am-4pm we will have by far the largest and most incredible line up of artists, food vendors and performers to ever line Bidwell Lane and Stowe Street. In fact, we will have booths covering almost ALL of Bidwell Lane so you might  work up a sweat just checking it all out! But don’t worry – Blue Cross Blue Shield will be manning our Water Tent this year so bring a reusable water bottle and they’ll give you a refill!

So just in case the Universe changes its mind, let’s all channel our inner-hippie and visualize a beautiful, sunny and rain-free stretch of weather to accompany the pedestrian walk way that will be in Downtown Waterbury this weekend! Together maybe we can force Nature to stop with the rain and show a little more sunshine! Ommmmmmm….!

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