Cosmic Earth Wellness

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Demonstrating Work

Wall Weavings~ I make on a from loom. Mini sizes but to big ones … I can make up to 3 ft” x 2.5ft” (depending on how big a booth is I gauge what size I have. Average sizes 26”x16” . I make various sizes and even mini ones 4”x12” so many size options These are all made with organic cotton yarn and roving and some wool. I hang them off of wood I find from walking by the river. I sometimes use plain wooden rods I buy from the store but trying to only use natural wood from the local areas now. Here are some past weaving examples . Pottery, I make Incense holders, candle holders, tea cups , cups , mugs, bowls , tiny bowls and trinket holders, tiny ones for babies food and spoons, the pinch spoons can be used for any of the following: baby food / herbs/ charcuterie board serving dips/ and so much more. I do make beaded jewelry, candles with crystals and herbs on top, essential oil rollers with crystals and herbs inside~ these are perfume oils and have many wellness benefits properties. These are huge sellers at the markets! Especially when I would vend in the past at the weekly Waterbury market. Examples of these items are also shown on my Instagram page a lot ! And I’m highlight stories of there as well. ****honestly I would gladly only have whatever you all accept me for . Please just let me know what you want or don’t want me to have at the booth and I will have plenty to fill a booth of whatever is preferred :) **** Yes I can demonstrate my work while there. I will have a table size frame loom and be making a wall weaving to show how it’s done if anyone wants to see.

Primary medium / category: Textiles