Friendly Strangers

About the Artist

Demonstrating Work

Meet Alyx Sellars and Jake Harnish, and they are the Friendly Strangers. Alyx and Jake are a painting team that met many years ago, formed a bond over their mutual love of art and painting, and then fell in love. Recently they have started their own in-home art studio where they spend countless hours dedicated to their painting and craft. Jakes paintings are focused primarily in the oil paint medium and pertain to themes of music, while he spends a lot of time on intricate detail. Alyx, also a very detailed painter, primarily works in acrylic paint, and her style leans slightly more towards visionary and surrealism. The themes in her work center around nature, imagination, and the human experience and connection to the world. Alyx and Jake are very excited to make their new studio debut, and showcase their work, as well as be the faces of the Friendly Strangers.

Primary medium / category: Fine Art