Malas & Mandalas

About the Artist

Malas & Mandalas is a jewelry and wellness brand rooted in bringing mindfulness and intentionality to the fore front of everyday life. I started the brand in 2017 after traveling to India for a yoga teacher training where I was moved by the beauty and presence of spiritual life and practice. I wanted to share the benefits of mindfulness and meditation with others so I began making gemstone jewelry that helps people set intentions and stay aligned with their soul's purpose. I love to be creative and rarely ever make the same piece twice. I like to experiment with different color and stone combinations and incorporate bright fun colors to remind us that life is meant to be joyful and vibrant. I also find inspiration by spending time in nature and connecting to the power of the natural word. I make candles, bath salts and essential oil rollers with healing herbs and natural essential oils to help bring us back to a place of inner peace. I hope that my jewelry and wellness products helps people connect deeper to themselves and take time the to be present so that they can enjoy the now, where ever they are. I make an assortment of bracelets that use gemstone beads, lava stone beads, crystals and charms. The lava stones are porous so you can put essential oils on them, they will absorb, and then the heat of your skin diffuses the oil throughout the day as you wear the bracelet. This allows you to experience the benefits of aromatherapy on the go. The gemstones have different energetic properties such as grounding and calming. I make a tag for each bracelet that explains the stone and their properties so the wearer can choose one that speaks to what they are looking to bring into their life. I also make mala bead necklaces which are necklaces that have 108 gemstone beads and a tassel or stone at the end. Mala bead necklaces can be used to count mantras during meditation. Using the mala allows you to focus on the mantra, while also counting to 108. Meditating with and wearing your mala is a great way to bring mindfulness into your daily life and have a useful tool close by at all times. I hand knot the malas between each bead and make the tassels by hand out of embroidery thread. Each mala is made with the utmost amount of care, precision and intention. I source materials from all over the world during my travels, as well as from local suppliers whenever possible. I also make a variety of simpler chain necklaces and earrings that have a raw stone or charm on them. Besides jewelry, I offer a variety of home/wellness products such as organic soy wax candles, bath salts and essential oil rollers made with dried flowers sourced locally, gemstones, mica powder and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. I try to keep all of my products made with natural ingredients, packaged in a fun and eye catching way. Each product comes with information about the ingredients / materials used. People often feel drawn to certain stones because of their properties, and the wearer ends up having a deep personal connection with their piece of jewelry because of this. My mission is to offer products that allow people to slow down, connect deeper with their authentic selves through mindfulness and live freely and joyfully in their day to day life.

Primary medium / category: Jewelry