Quinn Kennedy Johnson Ceramics

About the Artist

Inspired by bright colors and fun patterns, I bring an exuberant spirit to utilitarian and decorative ceramics. Working with white and red clay, multiple glazes, firing in oxidation and reduction, and a plethora of tools, each piece of pottery I create is unique and not one is the same! I love experimenting with new techniques, so my pottery ranges from simple white mugs to intricately carved vases, to sgraffito and slip-trailed cups, to drippy bowls and charcuterie boards. My forms are modern, classic, traditional, and playful, and are always changing; once I finish one idea, it’s off to another! As my boyfriend says, my work is “quirky, and full of personality,” and is a perfect reflection of who I am. Recently, I have been most inspired by sensory sensitivities experienced by neurodivergent people and have been exploring how to ingratiate satisfying and calming textures and colors into my work. As a college student, I understand art is quite inaccessible because of the high cost but believe it should not bar someone from enjoying a mug or vase. So, I offer a variety of products with a wide range of prices, from a $20 mug, to a $60 serving bowl, to a $100 set of bowls. While I cannot promise I will ever create more than 6 pots with the same design or shape, I can ensure you all my work is unique, eye catching, and made with the pure excitement of being so infatuated with such a mutable medium.

Primary medium / category: Ceramics