Wyatt Cunningham

About the Artist

Demonstrating Work

I use a mixture of non-traditional and traditional art forms, from canvases to broken skateboards, to scrap metal found in a junkyard. I use a mixture of mediums to bring life to these surfaces, such as acrylic brush, spray paint, acrylic pouring, and collage using newspaper and other clippings. I have a great deal of experience doing 9”x12” canvas commissions of people’s dogs. I also have a lot of experience with letters and typography, particularly graffiti-style letters. I spray painted a mural for The Crate Escape in Richmond, VT, featuring dogs that attend the daycare frequently, with a silhouette of Camel’s Hump in the background. The areas where I find the most freedom of expression are in my personal (non-commissioned) works, where I explore my own mind and how I see the world. I want my work to show the color of the world we’re so lucky to live in, and motivate people to get outside and enjoy this color firsthand. I reuse old materials such as skateboard decks and scrap metal for my canvases to emphasize the energy and color of the new life that paint/other mediums brought to the surface. When I use alternative surfaces, the world has already provided me with the canvas. All I need to do is go out and find it.

Primary medium / category: Fine Art