Thawing Out

Are you bummed out about our lingering winter? Well turn your attention to warmer visions than the one out your door today.

May I suggest imagining walking under bright sunny skies down a festive street. The temperatures draw you to the shade under the tent of an artisan selling beatiful locally made crafts. Or try imagining eating yummy locally made food and saving just enough room for some ice cream. Or perhaps picture being outside at night concert wearing a tank top and shorts, hanging out with your friends, listening to live music.

Yes, day dreaming about the 10th Annual Stowe Street Arts Festival is a great way to warm up! And July 15 & 16 is sooner than you might think!  The sun will be out in force. Brown, snow covered lawns, icy rutted dirt roads and 14″ crevasses in the paved ones will be distant memories. You’ll be boogieing to live music and finding all the best locally made crafts at the SSAF before you realize your feet have thawed out!

Interested in getting involved with the SSAF? We have vending and sponsorship opportunities available! Contact us today!

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