What’s to Like?

Some people don’t like Facebook. Some people don’t like Rock ‘n Roll. Back in the day Bill Haley and Elvis Presley drove everyone nuts with their music. People either loved it or hated it. Today it’s Mark Zuckerberg ruffling feathers with social media. People either love Facebook or they hate it. But whether you love ’em or hate ’em, both are here to stay.

If you love Facebook then take a minute to like the great businesses and organizations involved with the Stowe Street Arts Festival who are also on Facebook! And don’t forget to SHARE the love!

Facebook Invites:
RSVP to the Stowe Street Arts Festival
RSVP to the Vermont Mountain Bike Festival because it’s also going on in Waterbury on Saturday July 16!

Our Organizers:
Revitalizing Waterbury
Meg’s Events

Our Sponsors:
Ben & Jerry’s, Pomerleau Real Estate, Stowe Street Emporium, National Life, Cabot Creamery, Waterbury Tourism Council, Pack and Send Plus. Laughing Moon Chocolates, Shaw’s Supermarket, Jamieson Insurance

Our Artists:
Stacie Mincher Designs, alena botanica, Broad Bandits, Raegan Hough Jewelry, Luce Creations Jewelry, Jess Graham Studios, Marsha Drake Jewelry, Vermont Festival of the Arts, Handmade by Freya

Our Food Vendors:
Sweet Tooth’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Open Hearth Pizza

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