Beautiful Things/Antiquities

About the Artist

I attend between 15 and 20 juried artisan festivals each year. This is my 13th year working full time as a metalsmith. I am devoted to the creative process and the creation of beauty in many forms. My designs are influenced by classical examples of jewelry created during the 8-12 c. AD. , most notably in the Mesopotamian region. Artisans in this area produced ornate, open work pieces with symbolic figures, religious icons and anthropomorphic images. My process begins with mold making-from soapstone or silicone. I have found pewter to be a superior material for making jewelry as it is naturally light and pliable. Each piece is cleaned and hand filed following removal from the base mold. A Best-E-Quipt magnetic tumbler is used to finish each piece to a soft luster.

Primary medium / category: Jewelry