Blue Heron Art Studio

About the Artist

Demonstrating Work

As an art educator I have interest and experience using a lot of processes and materials, but over the past few years I have grown to really love stained glass. I work primarily with stained glass, specifically using the copper foil method that Louis Comfort Tiffany made so popular. When creating stained glass, I start with sketches and research. Then I move to the computer to draw my design. I use my Cricut to cut out the vinyl stencil pieces. Once I label the stencils, choose the glass and cut them out, I grind the edges to refine the shapes and apply the copper foil before burnishing. Once the burnishing is complete, I reassemble and arrange the pieces, apply the flux and begin to solder. Once the soldering step is complete, I use Novacan Black Patina to blacken the solder and finish the piece with wax. I create work that is rooted in nature and that captures and is transformed by the sunlight. I like to use cottagecore motifs, like mushrooms, feathers, mountains, plants, and the moon, imagery that is rooted in its connection with nature. As a connection to this aesthetic I also grow and press my own flowers and leaves to use in my work.

Primary medium / category: Glasswork