About the Artist

I produce and am passionate about making sustainable, natural, up-cycled soy candles. All my candles are made in second-hand vessels. One of my largest sellers is beer 'can'dles from local Vermont breweries; these candles honor the stunning art that craft beer cans are widely known for and give the can a second life before ending up in someone's recycling or worse, our landfill. One of my favorite items to make is succulent garden candles in vintage, thrifted vessels. I support local thrift shops frequently and adore the act of finding an over-looked treasure such as a lonely tea cup and making it even more aesthetically pleasing. To make each of my candles one of a kind, I add teeny, tiny succulent gardens that I also made out of soy wax. In addition, I make tea-light candles with an individual succulent on each as a very budget friendly option for supporting my small business.

Primary medium / category: Home Goods

Secondary mediums / categories: Ceramics, Jewelry, Fine Art, Painting