Malas and Mandalas

About the Artist

Essential Oil Diffusing & Gemstone Bracelets-I make these bracelets with an assortment of gemstone beads, charms, crystals and lava stones. The lava stones are porous so you can drop essential oils onto them and they will absorb it. When you wear the bracelet, the heat of your skin will diffuse the essential oil from the lava stones which gives you the benefits of aromatherapy on the go. I also make some bracelets with just gemstones and charms. The energy from the gemstones is transferred to your body when you wear them. Each bracelet comes with a description of the chosen stones, so that you can choose one whose properties resonate with your intentions and the energy that you're looking to bring more of into your life. Mala Bead Necklaces-Mala bead necklaces are necklaces that have 108 beads and a tassel or stone at the end. Malas are often seen in the yoga and meditation space because you can use the 108 beads to count mantras when you're meditating. This allows you to have a psychical tool to focus on to make it easier to still the mind. When you're not using the mala as a tool you can also wear it as a necklace. Each mala comes with a description of the chosen stones, so that you can choose one whose properties resonate with your intentions and the energy that you're looking to bring more of into your life. People often find malas to be like a security blanket and end up forming a deep connection to them. I hand knot each mala between each bead and make the tassels myself by hand. Gemstone & Charm Chain Necklaces-I make a variety of different simple necklaces with gold plated brass chains and charms or gemstone points. I package the gemstone necklaces by putting them on different cards that have a mantra or positive affirmation and artwork on them. I include the properties of the gemstones on the back of the card. Bath Potion-I make an all natural bath salt blend with epsom salt, 100% therapeutic lavender essential oil, locally sourced dried roses and lavender, and mica which is a crushed rock substance that makes the water shimmery when poured into the bath. I package the salt in test tubes so it looks like a pretty eye catching potion. Essential Oil Rollers-I create blends of organic fractionated coconut oil and 100% therapeutic essential oil, plus colorful mica and locally sourced dried roses and lavender. I create a few different blends of essential oil rollers to help calm, ground and ease anxiety decorated with different colored mica and mixture of dried flowers. These roller blends can be rolled onto the skin as perfume and also utilized for the therapeutic properties of the essential oils. Wire wrapped rings- I make them using different colors of copper wire, gemstones and quartz points. Bullet Crystal Necklaces-I find and clean bullet casings that are empty and repurpose them by turning them into necklaces. I drill a hole in the casing and glue a gemstone point inside of the casing, then put it onto different types of chains. Hoop Earrings-I make a variety of gold plated brass hoop earrings with different stones on them. Kid’s Rainbow Bracelets-I make a variety of beaded bracelets for kids using rainbow seed beads and different charms on stretchy cord. These have been a big hit with kids and fun to be able to expands my offerings for children as well as adults. I make all of these items myself by hand. I hand stamp all of my packaging with my logo and write out the properties of stones on all of the jewelry. I source materials locally whenever I am able as well as during my travels around the world. I source many of my gemstone beads from a man in Vermont who travels to gem shows and purchases high quality stones. I also source some stones and beads during my travels and from reputable online stores when I can’t get them locally. I source dried flowers from local apothecaries and essential oils from brands that list the test results of their products so I know that they are 100% pure.

Primary medium / category: Jewelry